Thank you for your interest in Facciola Foodservice Distributors! As one of the region's largest and most reputable meat purveyors, Facciola Foodservice Distributors is well positioned to fulfill your requirements.

We have located sources and established buying relationships with the nation’s highest quality, most consistent fabricators of beef, poultry, pork, lamb, veal, seafood, and other fresh and frozen products, such as foie gras, vegetables, and potatoe products.

Because we want your dining-room customers to keep coming back for more, we envision ourselves as the vital link between our supplier's farms and your fine kitchens. Our products' true value is based upon yield, appearance, and most of our suppliers exclusively select and process carcasses to our exacting standards.


Our staff is trained and eager to assist in the success of your establishment, so please contact us if you have any specific market questions or product requirements. Or, better yet, come visit our brand new, state-of-the-art processing facilities in Fremont, California. See for yourself the results of our dedication to being the best meat distribution company in the Western United States!


Our Meat

Facciola Foodservice Distributors understands genetics, breeding and the importance of our supplier's live-animal selection process. We acknowledge that, although the Meat Buyer's Guide may attempt to standardize product names and trim specifications, all meat is not the same. Some packers simply do a better job than others; Facciola's supplier connections are the talk of the industry. Our consistent, top quality meat products look and taste better. We operate with one overriding philosophy: To Supply the Finest Kitchens with the Finest Meats.

Facciola is the acknowledged leader in the Northern California marketplace. Our reputation for top quality meat, seafood and poultry products, and attention to customer service, has been earned by hard work. We maintain a large inventory, valued at more than $4 million, with which to supply our customers. If, for any reason, your restaurant's requirements exceed their typical weekly purchases, Facciola's inventory of premium quality meats is available to back up your needs. Out-of-stock products and under-aged beef are not something to worry about when Facciola is your restaurant's, hotel's, catering operation's, or retail market's meat purveyor!


The majority of the beef we buy is from the Midwestern United States. Midwest beef is used because Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Kentucky and Iowa raise large quantities of corn, and use it to feed their cattle. Many other states also raise beef, but they are grain or grass fed. Grass or grain feeding does not produce as highly marbled a steak as corn fed.

Unbiased palatability tests, performed at agricultural schools like Iowa State University and Texas A&M comparing steaks coming form cattle raised on different diets, consistently rate com-fed beef as the best in taste and flavor.

At Facciola, we carry beef that has been corn-fed, selected for marbling and breed, then aged for 3-5 weeks. We sell U.S.D.A. Graded Prime beef of which only 2% of the cattle produced weekly meet this grade. This is the highest quality beef attainable in the United States. We also are the exclusive distributors of Certified Angus Beef®, which means the U.S. Government Meat Grader grades it to excel in four quality attributes. The selection standards are so strict that only one out of every five Angus steers are good enough to achieve the Certified Angus Beef Grade.

You may wonder if we carry a hormone-free, preservative-free product. We do!

We also feature Painted Hills Natural Beef. Painted Hills beef is truly unique to other programs as it is a "Never, Ever" program. No Painted Hills animal has ever been administered any antibiotics, either therapeutic, or sub therapeutic. The cattle also never receive any added hormones during their entire lives. The cattle are allowed to roam and feed on grass covered hills for 11 to 13 months before they are moved into feedlots in Hermiston, Oregon, where they are finished on a diet primarily of corn for 150 days. This corn feeding provides the high quality beef with the small flakes of fine marbling in the muscle structure that gives the beef that flavorful and tender taste.

We are proud to offer exceptional Masami American Style Kobe Beef from Masami Ranch. True bloodline Wagyu cattle have been cross bred with Angus cattle to produce some of the highest quality, well marbled beef in the country. A "Never, Ever" program, the Masami cattle have never been given any form of antibiotics or growth hormones. Masami cattle may be fed from 425 to 600 plus days on a ration of corn, rice bran, almond hulls and high quality alfalfa, grass and hay to produce some of the most highly marbled, flavorful beef available. All Masami cattle will grade higher than USDA prime beef.


All of our poultry is selected for the highest quality obtainable. We carry a southern line of chicken and a premium line of corn-fed chicken. It is then processed fresh to our standards and vacuum packed to maintain wholesomeness and flavor. We keep only solid muscle, natural meat on hand for our customers.

Our fresh Diestel Turkeys are the finest you can find in the country. One of only three fully integrated Turkey Ranches left in the United States, Diestel Turkeys are raised locally and are preservative and hormone- free. Our quality duck products (e.g. foie gras, whole Muscovy ducks and their respective by- products) originate from a local Northern California farmer, Grimaud Farms.

We also carry the finest frozen duck product available in the country from Maple Leaf Farms. Only Grade A products are selected for Facciola's product inventory.

Facciola is excited to offer Palmex Foie Gras, as well. This assures that we continue our supply chain and offer our customers the finest best tasting foie gras in the country.


Pork has once again become popular on menus and is known as "The Other White Meat." We feature Prairy Fresh premium quality pork that is preservitive free, hormone free and anti-biotic residue free. Our pork is raised in the Midwest, where only lean, corn-fed pigs are selected for our discerning chefs. Most of our pork is delivered to Facciola Meat Company fresh every Monday, so we distribute only the best to our customers.

Snake River Farms introduces the world's finest pork for us at Facciola: American Kurobuta pork. Coming from purebred Berkshire black pigs, this product is darker in color and more flavorful. Unlike traditional white pork that tends to be bland and dry, American Kurobuta pork has fine flakes of marbling that make each cut sweet, tender and juicy.


We are proud to feature Colorado corn-fed lamb, along with quality lamb products from Australia and New Zealand. All our lamb is selected for large eye appeal and peak dining room performance. Our lamb derives its mild flavor because of the breed of the lamb, the diet and the freshness of the product.


We carry Swissland Veal products. The majority of our veal is from Illinois. Only #1 product (the top third of Swissland's production) is acceptable for Facciola distribution. Our veal is the highest quality obtainable and is hand selected for freshness and light color. We also carry a great line of natural veal products from Australia and Canada.


Facciola has been a leading distributor of fresh seafood in the Bay Area for many years. We source our premium quality seafood products daily and purchase right off the boats. Our new processing facility in Fremont, California enables us to procure, process, inventory and package the finest fresh seafood products available to our buyers on a daily basis. Variety, consistency and premium quality at the best possible price are our goals.

Other Fresh & Frozen Foods

We offer a select line of cheeses, high quality pastas, frozen vegetables, potatoe and hash brown products, appetizers, as wells as glaces, bases and gravies.

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